Sunday, November 1, 2015

Topsy Turvy!

Good morning everyone! Lys here with a new challenge for you!

We had so many entries for last months 'Halloween Horror' challenge!
 Thanks so much to all who took part - Laura will be here in the 4th to announce the winner's
Don't miss it!
Before we go onto the challenge details for November, I just wanted to let
 you know about this months Sponsor.

We are so thrilled to be welcoming Decoart!

This month a very lucky randomly selected winner will receive such an amazing prize! 

A Decoart Media Sampler Kit
...and Andy Skinner has very kindly said he will add in some of his stencils as well! 
 WOW!!! what a wonderful prize! I am envious of the winner already!

 Colours in prize may differ from picture

You can enter the challenge up to three times...get extra chances to win!

...Lets find out about the challenge!


I am so glad to be here hosting a new challenge for November....

Bad weather is on its way and we come back to our warm and tidy homes...
Fancy messing up a little?
We often try to do the right way, use the suitable thing, organize our creations following definite lines or intentions… and sometimes it doesn’t go the way we wanted to. Sometimes it goes to the bin, sometimes we discover something new… and we love it!

On the right side or Topsy there a right side in art?

Now let's discover what our team has created to inspire you:

When I use Brushos, I never know where they lead me... 
This time earth and sky were inverted, at the end of a fantastic journey!


I decided to take the theme rather literally.... :)


Well, talk about a world gone 'Topsy Turvy' when those proverbial pigs fly upside down!! 
 I created an inverted art journal page that had me dizzy from beginning to end!! 


I have used the theme to try it some new, I like to do this with Mr. Art Journal ;-)
My favourite product in moment is Matte medium as transfer for pictures from old magazines,

and by coincidence this shadow effect behind the face emerged.


I thought it would be fun to show you how I made my no-sew Topsy Turvy Top. I had a white t-shirt that got a splotch of ink on it from a prior crafty enterprise. I decided that instead of tossing the top, I would refashion a whole new festival-esque shirt by incorporating the splotch into a new design with a trippy graphic, doing some (Ed Hardy style) t-shirt kirigami cut-work, braiding it and making it the kind of shirt that you could wear both the topsy way with the graphic on the front or the turvy way with the cut work on the front with an inner camisole for modesty.


Wow, great challenge!

I wanted to explore ideas of symmetry from reflections, very Topsy Turvy. 

I was reminded of The Mirror Lakes ( such an eerie place) in New Zealand that I wanted to create a scrapbook page, but needed some inspiration.

I also have not had much happy experience with Brushos so wanted to experiment with that medium too. I really enjoyed the challenge, hope you do too!


I used cardboard letter leftovers and arrange them in Topsy Turvy style…perfect for background on my new wall hanging…


When I looked at a lot of my work I realised that I created my backgrounds in a particular order: gesso, texture paste, inks and then stamping. So I decided to reverse the order and got this lovely subtle background despite using some very bright colours! I love the result and will certainly be doing it again. A great challenge from Lys and my tag goes to show you don't have to change much to get something a little different. I hope you enjoy the challenge too!


After much thinking about this challenge, I decided to look at items which had a particular use and turn that upside down and use them in a different way. I used a wooden stamp block as my base, a stamp to imprint clay, a cake mould to make embellishments and a piece of gauze bandage in my background. By this time my brain was completely topsy turvy but I enjoyed the challenge!


How to make something Topsy Turvy? I was stuck for sure! 

But this candle holder actually turned out to be a totally Topsy Turvy creation

From using the die cut letters the wrong way round and upside down to the totally unexpected bright and messy paint effect when I had originally intended doing very delicate pastel colours and crackle....

A totally Topsy Turvy creation!


Wonderful creations, teamies! Thanks so much!

So let’s play!: whatever it is: upside down, inverted, reversed or escaping from the right order….

Please show us one “Topsy Turvy” creation, and how it came to life in your hands!

You could be our winner and invited to be our Top Talent!

You could be part of our Top 3!

You could even be our randomly winner of that gorgeous Media Sampler Kit ....

I look forward to see you soon!
Happy crafting!



  1. Now that is what I call a challenge! Great idea. . Thinking cap going on xx

  2. Great challenge, lovely inspirations and yummy prize!

  3. Wow...what a great challenge and wonderful inspiration from the design team.

  4. So many amazingly creative takes on your challenge Lys! Thanks for getting my brain in a total topsy turvy state - I really enjoyed making this DT piece! Julia xx

  5. I just went to see each of your creations on your blogs, ladies, and I'm totally amazed! I was already intrigued by your first words and pictures, but following your steps in this - I admit - disconcerting theme challenge, is the best journey I had! Thanks so much!

  6. So amazing creations by everyone!!! Great challenge theme, Lys!
    Thank you for the inspiration as usual, your blog is always a feast for the eyes! :)
    Coco x

  7. WOWIE WOWIE!! Lys, you've presented such a fun challenge and I had a blast creating for it!! Look at all of the wonderful interpretations from my Talented OCC DTeammies!! Fabulous, Ladies!! I'll be by your blogs to read the details! Can't wait!! XOXO-Shari

  8. This is such a fun challenge, I have been topsey turvey twice now! Great DT projects, thanks so much x


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