Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top Talent Thursday

Welcome back to Our Creative Corner.
Our Top Talent today creates beautiful work, and I know you are going to enjoy what you see, the Tag that she has presented for her show-piece, is only a sweetener and I encourage you to hop over to her Blog and also her Pinterest Page (which is full of all wonderful inspiration).

So without further adieu let me present the winner of our Challenge ‘Let me see a cake’ and welcome this weeks Top Talent:
Diane: Nellies Nest

1.) Where do you Live?
I live in southwest lower Michigan, in the country, but close enough to a great 25 minute shopping mecca in Indiana or 90 miles from Chicago if I want to go. I love it here, as I can have peace and quiet or be in a whole other world in 25 minutes!!

2.) Describe your most 'productive' crafting environment.
I like lots of light, and being I live in a log home, it's sometimes tricky, but my hubby hung me some great lighting over my creative tables..but I work in a messy room, I think I spend as much time cleaning it up as I do creating in it, only to make it messy all over again!!

3.) Describe a real life experience that inspired you artistically.
I think it was when my sister and I had our our own craft business called "Cabin On The Creek"...we made lots of prim dolls, santas, snowmen, ornaments and such. We had our own home show here in my home, cleared everything out but the furniture, put about 15 Christmas trees in and had a home show here for 3 days, we had people coming from as far away as California and Georgia just to visit our show...we grew too big, too fast...did it for about 12 years, and finally let it go, thats when I went into something else, "papercrafts" and have been going strong ever since!!

4.) If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
I saw this on Pinterest, not sure if it can be considered a "slogan" or not, but it sure holds true with me
"Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters" isn't that true?

5.) What other hobbies or talents do you have that you'd like to share with us?
I sew and I flower garden......picking out my designer paper is very much the same as picking out fabric...I really have an addiction for both, and have more then I will ever use, but it makes me "happy".
I base a lot of cards on my flower garden, by using all those wonderful dies available, I can almost recreate my "real" flowers onto paper...I love that! You will find me from April on in the early mornings planting, weeding and feeling proud of my flower bed efforts!!

6.) What is the most useless item that you have purchased for your craft?
I laughed when I read this question, because I am so glad it wasn't "what is my most useful item?" That would have been really hard to narrow took me a bit of thinking on this one, but I had bought a tag crimper that at the time was a bit pricey, you could purchase these little rectangle metal tags, and the tool crimped them on a was one of those spur of the moment buys, as within a year, the metal tags were no longer produced, rending the tool "useless". It did however teach me to think things through a bit more before purchasing!!

Diane has made a wonderful Tag.

Diane's Blog:
and Pinterest Page:

Thank you Diane for being our 'Thursday's Top Talent' and sharing such wonderful inspiration with us!


"The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Fabulous tag and I love reading this

  2. Fabulous tag and really interesting read! Lots of love from Laura xxxxxx

  3. Such a beautiful tag! Love it! ^_^

  4. Love that image and you made a fabulous background for her, the colors are lovely, thanks for sharing Diane..


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