Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bon voyage! A designer paper challenge

Good morning! Welcome to another challenge here at Our Creative Corner - that week went by so quickly, didn't it? Thanks to everyone who joined in the music & kraft challenge last week - we loved your creations and appreciate your taking time to join us.

I'm Lori Rider, your host for the next two challenges. This week I have travel on the brain, so my challenge for you is to make a card or project inspired by travel and/or transportation, using at least two different designer papers. That's it - whatever speaks to you is great! Let's get you started with the fabulous creations from our team:

Lori Rider - The Diva Stamper

Paula McClane - Scrap Addict's Attic

Irena Kowalczyk/Rudlis - love, life and crafts

Liliana - Stampin from Home

Linda Coughlin - The Funkie Junkie

Sharon Wheet - Designs by Sharon

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top Talent Thursday

Welcome back to Our Creative Corner. and once again it is that time where I have the pleasure of presenting someone special,  and this week it is our winner of  the ‘Let’s get Sketchy’ Challenge, and our Top Talent this Thursday.

Heather Dennis:  Heather’s Coffee Break.

Her two cards she has created for us are just delightful, but first let us learn a little about her.

 1.) Where do you Live?
I live {near} Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but was born and raised
in a little town called Old Fort in North Carolina.

2.) Describe a real life experience that inspired you artistically.
This is easy. What HASN'T inspired me artistically?
God's love shines through in EVERYTHING I see, hear or do. The birds singing, walking through the tall green grass, watching the trees change with each season. Everything is so amazing and beautiful and special. How can you not be inspired every day? Just step outside and look around. :)

3.) Are you a day-time or night-time crafter?
I am a mom, wife, teacher, chef, housekeeper, taxi driver and referee during the day.I am a crazy, caffeinated, crafting ninja at night! HAHAHA!

4.) Are you a Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall person?
OOOH... I love a little bit of everything about all of the seasons.
I will go with Summer because the kids are out of school and we can just enjoy our time with each other.

5.) How long have you been crafting and what made you hop on the creative train?
I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. My mom is SUPER DE DUPER creative and SO TALENTED! She has taught me so much and has passed on her talents to me as well as has spent time teaching my children when they go over to visit her. I thought I had lost my creativity when I became a mom. I did not have time to paint or do any of the things I had done before. When I started homeschooling, I thought I was going to lose it. {my mind that is} I NEEDED some sort of creative release. I stumbled upon a card-making group at an online site called CafeMom and was quickly sucked in. I started card making in 2007 and haven't stopped.

6.) Picking only one colour of paint, which would you prefer on your carpet?On my carpet? I don't have any carpet ;) lol!!! If I had to choose ONE I would choose....{oh why is this one so hard to answer?} I can't choose. My daughter said hot pink, so hot pink it is!

"The intense colour palette that Heather has chosen for her two cards just sing and vibrate. they relate joy and happiness; Yellow.
There is energy and passion; Red, and the Black gives the cards power and sophistication.
The palette is used wonderfully to create a very effective and dramatic design, and you cannot help but enjoy them, they are very pleasing to the eye."
 Just take a look and drool.....

Thank you Heather for being our 'Thursday's Top Talent' and sharing such wonderful inspiration with us.


Happy Easter to you all.

"The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it."~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Music and Kraft Challenge

Hello all,

Welcome once again to Our Creative Corner!  We are so happy you stopped in to visit us today.  Before we get to our current challenge, a huge thanks to everyone who played along with us for our Analogous Color Challenge last week.  We had some fantastic entries.  We did want to let you know, though, that we will no longer be choosing winners of our challenges and will be phasing out Top Talent Thursday once the most recent winners have had their featured column.

This week, Sue Butler is our host.  Sue's challenge theme is Music and Kraft.  Your creation must include music in any configuration you wish plus Kraft card.  To get you started, here are our designers' interpretations of our challenge theme:

Liliana- Stampin from Home
Linda Coughlin - The Funkie Junkie

Sharon Wheet - Designs by Sharon
Irena Kowalczyk/Rudlis - love, life and crafts

Meihsia Liu - Simply Paper Crafts

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top Talent Thursday

Welcome back to Our Creative Corner.
Our Top Talent this week probably needs no introduction, as most who have been around the last few years would have come across her blog at some stage and most have probably reacted to her work in a very positive way. Her creativity is boundless, the pizazz and spontaneity along with the enthusiasm and alacrity oozes from her work like globules of water bouncing off a hard ground; it is mesmerizing.

So without further ado, I present to you our winner of the Challenge ‘Stitching and fabrics’ and our Top Talent this Thursday: 

Anita- The Artful Maven Haven.
 Anita added this little message to her project. 
“It's a real honor to be showcased here today at my old creative stAmping grounds! I loved my time here and working with you ladies was absolutely wonderful!
Thank you so much for having me.”

1.) Where do you Live?
I live in the West Texas area, in a smallish city called Midland, which is halfway between El Paso and Dallas, hence the name given from back in the old cattle driving days.

2.) Do you enjoy 'stepping out' of your comfort zone? If so Why?
Yes, I do, but not until after I have thought about it for a few minutes. After the "Stress!" leaves, the "I can do this." comes, and after I've finished the whatever it was, the reflective "See what you learned?" fills my mind. I ultimately find it refreshing.

3.) Do you have any personal goals you have attained or would like to attain in the future?
Absolutely I have! Just being on Design Teams were dreams come true. AND, then came Ranger U. I can't even find the words to tell you what that meant and what that has done for me. It was truly a dream come true. I highly recommend it to any of you who love Ranger products. I am now teaching classes using the techniques I learned there, and that has been a huge blessing. I love teaching and I really love demoing the products for people. I am doing what I love to do!

4.) Describe yourself in five words?
The Bad: a hoarding, fowl mouthed, dirty minded, over-eating, insomniac
The Good: a kind, giving, hard working, comical, helper

5.) What other hobbies or talents do you have that you'd like to share with us?
I am one of those people who has to try everything, and I want to be good at it. Although I have to admit I am! I do love to bake and cook. I love to watch movies. I love to travel. I love to eat good food. I love pretty much every type of crafting and genres of Art. I have a love affair with shoes and handbags, because they don't care what size you are...believe me, it is a hobby! I secretly love to organize, but I just don't make the time for it I should. And, I just love to sit and talk, especially while crafting. Are all of these hobbies? YES!!!

6.) If you had a time machine, that worked only once, what point in history or the future would you be most inspired to visit and why?
 This question is tooooo hard!!!! There are too many stops I'd want to make. There are too many people in history I am interested in...namely Jesus. Hmmm....
My time machine would have to go back in time a good ways...before technology ruled the world...when people still wrote letters...when manners were still the status quo...probably the late 1800's or early 1900's. It would be cool to see the first car, the beginning's of the industrial much Downton Abbey I think. Really, this question is too hard. I have too many questions about history and want to know more. I'd want to see what happened to the dinosaurs; see the splendor of the Garden of Eden; see the parting of the Red Sea; see the pyramids being built; see who shot JFK; see if aliens really landed at Roswell; see how those stones were moved at Easter Island, Stonehenge, and places of their likeness; see if there was a continent of Altantis. DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN??? I have too much racing through my head, and I could not pick one. I'd probably just stay home just to avoid the decision.

 Now enjoy what Anita has created for us.

Thank you Anita for being our 'Thursday's Top Talent' and sharing such wonderful inspiration with us.
I would urge and encourage you to pop over and visit her Blog to see more of her commendable work, plus a step by step tutorial on how she made this canvas, and whilst there spend some time viewing her other tutorials, she does them on most of her creations, not only will you pick up more inspiration but helpful tips on techniques and products.

Anita-The Artful Maven Haven

If you want the chance to be part of Top Talent Thursday on Our Creative Corner, then just join in our current Challenge here you still have some time to participate.


"The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winner of Inpiration Photo Challenge

Hello Our Creative Corner friends, welcome back! Meihsia here to announce the winner of last week's challenge. I really appreciate all of you who participated in last week's Inspiration Photo challenge. We have many beautiful entries and all of you really are so talented.  It's time to announce the winner!
And the winner is ........ Tricia from Cards by Trish.

Love the beautiful layout and gorgeous flower arrangement Tricia has done here. And Tricia's choice of background paper and sentiment is just fabulous!
Thank you, Tricia, for sharing with us your beautiful work and here is your badge to wear proudly on your blog. :)

Remember to come back tomorrow for Top Talent Thursday on Our Creative Corner.
And there's still time to play along with this week's Analogous Palette challenge.
Hope you all will join us and happy crafting!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Analogous Palette Challenge.

Good Morning everyone,
Susan here, your hostess for the next two weeks for Our Creative Corner, this is the Blog that sets unique Challenges and at the same time enlightens ones outlook on creativity, and today's Challenge is no exception; you will learn  about colour and using the Colour wheel. 
By using colours consciously and harmoniously you create spectacular results. 

The Challenge: 
First your creation must be a 4-sided regular polygon with all sides equal! Commonly known as a Square. 
Secondly, you must only use Analogous colours
These colours are in close proximity to each other on the colour wheel that share similar hue and saturation.
Pick a Primary Colour first, then work from there. You accents can be White, Black or Gray.
To assist you, my teamies have a selection of inspiring samples to drool over, I would encourage you all to take the plunge this week; not into the water, but into the colour wheel and have a play, you will learn heaps... trust me!

Meihsia Liu - Simply Paper Crafts

Liliana Inguanti- Stampin from Home 

Sharon Wheet - Designs by Sharon

Irena Kowalczyk/Rudlis - love, life and crafts

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top Talent Thursday

Welcome back to Our Creative Corner.
It is with utmost pleasure that I present to you this Thursday, the winner of our Challenge 'Party like it's Mardi-Gras' a lady who is very versatile, as appears to be the case with many of our winners of late.  Her blog is full of her life experiences along with her unique work.
Please welcome this weeks Top Talent:


Let us learn a little about this wonderful lady.

1.) Where do you Live?
I live in Northern NY, very close to the Canadian border. We are in the country although our very small college town is within ten minutes. It’s a lovely in the middle of nowhere place, but access to supplies sometimes is limited so I rely a lot on making due with up-cycled items and coming up with new ways to use existing supplies!

2.) Describe yourself in five words?
Fearless, Out of the Box, Organized, Caring and Creative

3.) How would you describe your art for the general public audience if they have never seen it before?
My artwork typically involves either a story, an upcycled item and often has a vintage twist.

4.) How many hours a day do your waste/spend on your hobby?
I typically spend 30 minutes a day blogging and about the same scrapbooking, plus or minus. The crafting normally happens on the weekends and the blogging during the week. I like to write and craft, so it keeps me happy.

5.) What supply wouldn't you do without when it comes to stamping?
Ink pads and alcohol, I find you can stain just about anything with an inkpad and then use a bit of alcohol mist to get the color to run

6.) Is there is tool/item that you are drooling over at the moment and wanting to buy?
Right now I’m shopping for punches, in particular one that allows me to use up small pieces of extra scrap paper. I do have a Silhouette, but using up extra paper with a punch is so therapeutic!

 And Mitra has provided a creation that is out of the box and demonstrates perfectly how versatile a craft person she is.

Thank you Mitra for being our 'Thursday's Top Talent' and sharing such wonderful inspiration with us!

Mitra's Blog-Mitralee

If you want the chance to be part of Top Talent Thursday on Our Creative Corner, then just join in our current Challenge- “ Photo Inspiration” here, you still have some time to participate.


"The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shabby Chic Inspiration Winner

Hello and welcome back Our Creative Corner!  Thank you to all who participated in last week's challenge. It's time to announce the winner! We have many gorgeous entries because everyone did such an amazing job. However, we can only choose one winner and that one is
Margie from MargiesBlueHouse.
Love the beautiful embossed wings and the gorgeous flower arrangement.
All the embellishments and details are fantastic!
Thank you, Margie, for sharing with us your talent and here is your badge to wear proudly on your blog. :)

Remember to come back for Top Talent Thursday on Our Creative Corner.
And there's still time to play along with current photo inspiration challenge here.
Happy crafting!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photo Inspiration Challenge

Hello! Our Creative Corner friend, happy Saturday!

Welcome back to another Our Creative Corner challenge. We would like to sincerely thank all of you for the most beautiful entries you submitted last week. Make sure you check back on Wednesday to see who the winner is!
Now, on our new challenge this week:
Please create a card or project inspired by the COLORS AND PATTERNS in the PHOTO AND include at least one piece of METAL EMBELLISHMENT.
Here are the beautiful works from our DT for your inspiration.

Irena Kowalczyk/Rudlis - love, life and crafts

Paula McClane - Scrap Addict's Attic

Liliana Inguanti- Stampin from Home 

Sharon Wheet - Designs by Sharon