Monday, July 22, 2013

'Anything Goes' Top Talent

   Welcome back to Our Creative Corner.  Laura here bringing you our first Top Talent!

        Today we are so happy to welcome Paula from Ephemera's Attic. 

   Paula is a wonderful artist who is amazingly talented and creative - Her work is always so gorgeous. We are so honoured that she is here today to show you all something she has made especially for her Top Talent appearance, but first lets find out a bit more about her.........

 1.  Where do you live?
St. Neots in Cambridgeshire

How long have you been crafting and what made you start crafting?

I’ve been crafting most of my life really, I’ve always drawn and painted, dabbling in and out quite a few other crafts over the years, macramé (anyone remember that!) candle making, encaustic art, silver smithing and jewellery making. I started paper crafting a few years ago and instantly fell in love with stamping and altered art. I bought a sewing machine last year to use in my paper crafting, but now I have become addicted to fabric too and I love incorporating stamping in my fabric creations and just recently I’ve started patchwork & quilting. I can’t imagine not crafting in some form or another as it’s integral part of who I am, I just wish there were a more hours in the day to fit it all in.

 3. What do you enjoy most about stamping?  
There are loads of things, but probably the versatility, that stamping has to offer, I love to stamp on fabric and TAP(transfer artist paper)as well as paper.

4.  If you could only use three craft supplies for the rest of your life, what would they be?  
Oooh that’s a tough one. My Inktense pencils would have to be one as they are so versatile and get used regularly and a sketch pad. Finally my sewing kit (a bit sneaky as it has lots of goodies in it!)
5.  If you have lost your Mojo, how do you go about getting it back? 
My mojo does seem to desert me quite often and I find visiting my favourite blogs really inspiring, it helps to get my creative juices flowing again. There are so many talented bloggers out there sharing their ideas, the crafting world is such a friendly place.

6.  What is the most satisfying/exciting..... the designing or the end result? Most of my projects seem to evolve along the way, and are never how I envisaged them in my head, I tend to start with an idea and usually go off at a tangent. I enjoy both the creative and usually very messy process and the end result.

7.  How would you describe what it means to have an "Artistic Outlook" on life?

I’ve always felt the need to be creative from a very early age and if anything the feeling has intensified the older I get. Even when I’m not crafting I’m thinking about future projects and can get very grumpy when I’m not able to craft. I usually manage to sneak some sort of crafting with my when on holiday too, obsessive or what LOL!


 .......And now we shine the spotlight on this fantastic sign Paula made for her 'Crafty Corner' as her crafting area is affectionately called. 

      Thank you so much Paula for being our 'Top Talent' today and sharing such an inspiring creation with us. 

     Please go along to Paula's blog and take a look at how she made her 'Spotlight' sign....along with all her other wonderful creations - I am sure she would love to see you there! -  Ephemera's Attic


      Would you like everyone to see your work here under the 'Our Creative Corner' Spotlight? You could be here as a future 'Top Talent' with the spotlight shining on something you have created! All you have to do is enter our Captured Memories challenge.  There is one more week of the current challenge left, so why not have fun creating! Make anything you like - but remember it must contain a photograph....

         We all hope you will come back to see us on the 1st August when Alison will be presenting her challenge for all of you.... See you then!




  1. This is the most gorgeous wall hanging (didn't know you could stitch that stuff!) which will look perfect on your craft corner wall. For anyone who hasn't seen Paula's work her blog is definitely a MUST SEE. Her mixed media pieces are fantastic and her sewn projects are out of this world - genuinely. Thanks for a fantastic insight into your brilliance Paula. Hugs, Jenny x

  2. What a brilliant wall hanging Paula! The perfect piece for adorning your craft corner!!! A great spotlight! Thank you!!!

    Claudia x

  3. Stunning wall hanging Paula - what a fantastic opening number for Top Talent! It looks wonderful, now popping over to learn more. Nicola x

  4. Paula really is an outstanding talent and it was lovely to learn a little more about her. LOVE that wall hanging!! Hugs, Anne x

  5. Thanks so much Ladies, it was a real honour to be featured as top talent. xxx

  6. a really beautiful piece and her blog is stunning x hugs x

  7. A really stunning creation, Paula - I love all those individual panels and the delicate tinting on them. And the lettering is crazy fabulous! Wonderful to have you Top Talenting with us...
    Alison x

  8. Paula, you are one very talented lady! I've been a follower on your blog for some time and its nice to get to know a little more about you. Your wall hanging is just fabulous, so much detail and colour. A great start to the Top Talent spot. Margie x


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