Sunday, December 28, 2014

Please Welcome......

Hi everyone!

     We are nearly at the end of 2014 - what an amazing year it has been for Our Creative Corner!

      2015 will hopefully be bigger and better! Although sadly we will be saying goodbye to some of our Team at the end of the year, we are taking on new Team Members to inspire you!

       As always our view at OCC is that it should be a place 'where your crafting creativity has no limitations' and we continue with that same free thinking attitude towards our crafts - now with a larger team and also a Resident Guest Designer on the team to add in some more variety with tutorials and advice. There is also lots more sponsors providing our winners with wonderful prizes - OCC is going to be an even more inspiring place to be....

      So let's welcome our new Team Members.....



Hello Everyone! My name is Pamellia Johnson and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my wonderful husband Andrei and our two little girls, Scully (a teacup Maltese) and Pebbles (a teacup black Pomeranian).

Creativity runs in my family, so it's no surprise that I enjoy crafting. I have been crafting in some form or another ever since I was a little kid, thanks to my very creative and talented Mom. I've dabbled in all sorts of crafts, but I think my true passion is handmade cards. I have only recently tried my hand at mixed media art and altered items, but I instantly fell in love with the messy side of crafting!

When Laura contacted me and asked me to be a member of the Our Creative Corner team, I almost fell off my chair! What an honour to be invited to craft along side some of the most talented artists out there! Thank you Laura, I look forward to this next leg of my crafting adventure.

This is my OCC trinket box, to see more you can visit me at My Little Craft Things.


Bonjour! My name is Lys and I live in a village in south west of France. Beside my full time job I find self balance in scrapbooking and crafting, more and more as my children grow up and create their own life. I just discovered mixed media and the huge possibilities it offers to creativity. I love playing and trying new ways and looks.
I’m so happy and honored today to join  Our Creative Corner team! Creating alongside such inventive and brilliant ladies is amazing and thrilling! Thanks Laura for giving me this opportunity.

Here is my “introducing” layout, which gathers most of my tastes: vintage look, torn papers, layers, inks, textures, words… You can find more details on my blog.



HELLO!!  My name is Shari Trumbull and I am so very pleased and honored to be here as a new member of the Design Team for Our Creative Corner.  I come to you from the mountains of North Idaho, USA where I live with my husband, Don and furry family of 3 dogs-Bella, Maxine & Ralph and 2 cats-Lille and Daisy.

I used to have a very hectic and very full-time work life in business administration and management, with not a lot of time for crafting.  Since moving to Idaho 5 years ago, I've been given the opportunity to be able to delve into my creative side and see where it would take me.  The creative journey (still in progress) has been amazing and has brought me here, to Our Creative Corner, working with a
group of AMAZING Artists!  I'm still in shock that I'm here!!  Laura, are you still sure it's Me??! 

Anyway, I'm carrying out the month of December with sharing some of the goodies I made for Christmas.  Some of my Christmas crafties where sent out as little holiday tokens, some--I kept!  Like this chipboard/manila stock ornament--Once I hung it on my Christmas tree, it wasn't going anywhere!! 

I've got a few details of how I put this ornament together on my blog--Come on over, I'd love to see you there!


Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to be here, my first time as a Design Team member, thank you so much Laura for inviting me.

My name is Jan Hill, I live in Coventry, England, with my long suffering husband and son. I have been crafting as long as I can remember. I have made Dolls Houses and Miniatures for a number of years before I discovered Scrapbooking and Mixed Media. Now I am hooked! I spend a lot of time in my craft room in the attic, please check out my blog at

I created a scrapbook page for my intro piece. I chose a photo of my favourite place, Calvi on the beautiful island of Corsica, a special place for myself and my husband. When I see this photo I can feel the sun on my skin and smell the wild herbs of the Marquis! 

I hope you like it too! There are details on my blog of how I created the page


Hi my name is Laurie Moore and I’m truly honored to be a part of this wonderful talented team of artists. Thank you Laura for inviting me and letting me share in the adventure of the OCC blog.
I live in the USA near the small town of Lebanon in Oregon on a farm with my husband Richard. I have two married grown children and five grandchildren that are the loves of my life.
I can’t remember a time when I haven’t done some kind of crafting. I had been scrapbooking for about 10 years when I discovered mix media and altering things. I've done many different styles of scrapbooking over the years but altering items and giving them new life is my true passion. As you can see here I've altered a little red truck and created a home decor piece for my vintage style house.

I hope you will come share in my creative adventure and visit me on my blog 


I am Candice (Aka Tincan Crafter) from South Africa.  I do like to make things and I LOVE UPCYCLING JUNK (hence Tincan Crafter).  I collect and buy really random things that I think can be turned into crafty supplies and tools – like dental picks and coloured hair mousse.  You might think that is sad, until you find your inner-dental-pick-collecting crafty goddess, then you will know, oh how you will know.  For a few hours a day I teach Philosophy at a University in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and for the rest of the day I CRAFT!!!  I really think I only work so that I can buy crafting supplies…… I keep a little blog where I journal my crazy craft experiments and that you can check out here - tincan handmade craft deli
When Laura asked me to be a Guest Designer for OCC – I nearly fell off my chair!  I had no idea that anyone would think I was worthy enough to be featured as a guest designer, I have never ever taken design or art at any kind of educational level and I have always thought that I would never be good enough without any kind of formal training.  Then when she asked me to join the team for this coming year I actually did fall off my chair – seriously, got scraped and everything. I can hardly believe I have this blessed an opportunity to work on a team like this. I have been around to all the other team members blogs and I am so honoured to be included amongst this mind-blowingly creative, arty, talented group.  I feel challenged to step up and be as awesome as they are. 
I don’t think that I have a particular style, or if I do – I haven’t noticed it.  I don’t think that I am specially attached to one type of craft either, except crochet and knitting – never quite got the hang of that….heehee see what I did there, I am a crabbler (crafting dabbler) of note.  Needless to say my house is quite a mismatched, hodge-podge of bits of craft – I call this design style eclectic grunge!  It happens when you buy random dental picks and things.  For this little introductory post I am going to share my nutty love for Hot Air Balloons and show you how I made this mobile of cheery hot air balloons by upcycling old Incandescent Light Bulbs and Baubles, and a few other items that you are sure to have at home.  It was a fun project and I love the pop of colour it added to my house.
Looking forward to sharing my brand of crazy with you all and I know that I am going to be inspired beyond my wildest imaginings by you all.


Ana K.

Hello dear crafters... I'm really delighted to be here, in company with very talented Our Creative Corner ladies...thank you for invitation Laura!
My name is Ana and I am from beautiful Slovenia. Creating came into my life by accident, but quickly I became addicted...I love everything old or old looking and that you can see in my creations...I love to create mainly collages, but I also love making altered projects and books...during creating process, I completely “eliminate rest of the world” and I can say that crafting is my escape from reality...
For introduction I made a project inspired by quote I like...welcome to my blog, where you will find details. 

So there is the new additions to the OCC Design Team - Please hiop along to their blogs and leave them some love - I am sure they would love to see you all there!

 They will be here on the 1st Jan with the rest of the OCC team to bring you the first challenge of 2015 which is going to be hosted by Pamellia....We all hope you come back and join in the fun!

Happy Crafting 

Laura xxx     


  1. What a wonderful team! Huge congrats to my dear friend Pam! You couldn't have chosen a better person for the job! Good luck to you all! Hugs,
    Ingrid xx

  2. Congratulations to all the new team members. Looking forward to seeing your new projects for 2015.
    Julie x

  3. Welcome to you all - what a creative talented bunch you are!

  4. Now that's one amazing line up! Can't wait to see what you all come up with throughout 2015 - it will be incredible, there's no doubting that. Have a wonderful New Year. Jenny x

  5. The warmest of welcomes to the new designers - what a wealth of amazing international talent. You will have a wonderful time here!
    Alison xx

  6. What a fantastic line up! I am so excited to be here with so many talented artists...2015 is going to be a great year! hugs to all :)

  7. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team. Looking forward to the adventure! Happy Crafting to all :) from Laurie Moore

  8. Hi you lot. I have had a crazy Sunday and so I havent been around to say thanks for all the kudos and WOW what incredible projects created by all the team members. I am about to go around to each one and see how you all have done what you have amazingly done! What an exciting, challenging, creative year this is going to be - I AM SO SO SO EXCITED!

  9. Congratulations to the new team members! Looking forward to seeing your projects in 2015!

  10. Gorgeous, what a great and inspired start from our new teamies!! I look forward to working with you all at OCC. Best wishes for a new creative year!! Hugs, Kerstin

  11. Hi everyone, sooo excited still! Loving being able to access the details to projects on all the blogs. I have just taken our last visitor, my mum, to the airport, so had a relaxing time on my return checking out all the blogs. Hugs Jan x

  12. Bonsoir à tous! What a great Sunday indeed! I've been looking at the creations of my new talented teamies and I'm so happy to share this new year with all of you, and rejoin the whole wonderful OCC team. Happy crafting to all!

  13. So exciting to see all the talent! Can't wait to see such beautiful artwork!

  14. A huge welcome to my new teamies!! I am so excited to work along side you all! This is going to be an amazing new adventure for us all!!

  15. Everything on this page is just so beautiful and I wish I had all your talent. Cute scrapbook page, ornaments, and upcycled projects; really cool altered book; in love with the mixed media canvas and the trinket box is to die for. And that truck - oh my goodness - who knew it was ever red? How neat!!!

  16. Wonderful projects, and a great team! I am excited to see the inspiration that follows. I am a follower and a big fan of Laurie's MooreArtFromTheHeart, it is through her I found your blog. Looking forward to checking out the other talented crafters on the team. Happy New Year :)

  17. YAY!!!! Congrats to all! Laurie is my BFF and I'm so thrilled to see her on this team, you're lucky to have her!!! She is UBER talented and UBER sweet and she touches the hearts of everyone she meets! Her style is all her own and it will for sure deliver tons of inspiration to those who sees what she can do!! Congrats Laurie and....Hi-5!!!! xoxoxo, Jules

  18. Wow! What an incredible performance of an incredibly talented bunch of ladies this is! Scrolling up and down...and up and down again enjoying all the lovely introductions and eye candy! 2015 will be just grand! Welcome to the team, Pamellia, Lys, Shari, Jan, Candice, Laurie and Ana! xxx

  19. I'm new to your blog and will definitely be coming back. The new talent for 2015 is sure to inspire all of us. And...congratulations to Laurie! I can't wait to see what she and everyone else creates! ~Kimberly

  20. Congratulations to the new design team!! Looking forward to your inspiring posts and creations!! best of luck to you all!

  21. Congratulations to the new design team and welcome!! :D Lovely surprise to see among them the lovely Shari, and also a French lady Lys, that's great!! :D Wishing to everone a wonderful and very creative year 2015.

  22. Absolutely fabulous group of very talented ladies, and I am thrilled to be part of it…thank you for having me here!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  23. GOSH!! I think I may still be in shock that I'm a part of this wonderful team of incredibly talented women!! :) I'm soooo happy to be here and can't wait to get to know all of my new teammates and learn from each and every one of you!! Laura, Thank You again for inviting me!! CHEERS!! XOXO-Shari

  24. Congratulations to all of these talented ladies. So looking forward to getting inspiration from you all! So excited for Laurie-I've known her for quite awhile now-actually met at a 3 day scrapbooking crop! And have been the best of buddies ever since. She continually amazes me with her crazy good creative talent! So proud to know her and call her friend. I love you Laurie and CONGRATULATIONS !! Melissa

  25. a great Team. i like there Projects !
    greetings from Austria


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