Friday, October 16, 2015

October 2015 Sponsor Spotlight - Nicecrane Designs

Hello there
Did you know that you could go on over to Nicecrane Designs, a company with oodles upon caboodles of digital designs and choose your favourite, download it and use the image to do whatever you want with it?  How cool is that? 

I am telling everyone that asks that these unique make-up organiser babies are designer pieces from the Nicecrane Design Collection! They look suitably impressed that I have "designer" home accents, and I reckon it might seem completely plausible that this might be the case ;) because these are among other unusual print decor items I have in the same design.

To be perfectly straight with you, I have never really thought about the potential of this option until I went on over to the site and the design penny dropped!  You could customise just about anything with your favourite design (for personal use only ofcourse).  

Let's think about this for a second.  The accessories in your living room might need a bit of an update, you have been to the mall and scoured the decor shops looking for something you like, but nothing grabs your fancy or they might have the design print in one or two items like a cushion cover and a table runner, but that is all and you want the theme repeated on everything!!! You could even want that design hanging as art on your walls.

This I believe is the genius of buying a design off of Nicecrane Designs.  All you would have to do is buy the image once, and then you could use the same image over and over in different applications.  Technically you could makeover your entire room in the design of your choice.  You could have the design printed on block canvas, you could transfer the design onto cushion covers, table runners, curtains, candles, guestbook covers, decoupage it onto trays and vases.  Do you see?  This is an amazing way to decorate on a budget.

What I have decided to do is sort out my horde of make-up.  I needed something that would stay within the slightly steampunky vintage brown, black and cream theme I have going on in the room that I do my make-up in.  I no longer felt okay about digging through the piles of lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc in the big bucket I had it in.  I wanted something a little more organised, in something cuter and in keeping with the theme.  I am in the process of decoupaging every pot, holder, container in the same designer theme, including upholstery but I thought I would share with you one quick project that I made with one of the awesome Nicecrane Designs.

So to begin with I went over there to choose a design - quite a task because the collections are amazing and it was hard making a choice.

I bought 2 MDF blank letter/mail organisers that looked like this to begin with

I smoothed out a layer of Dala Stencil Glue onto the unfinished blank.  Dala Stencil Glue is my favourite glue because its super tacky, super strong and yet also simultaneously liquid enough to slide things on.  It can also function as a repositionable glue - all in all, a really versatile all round glue.

The last thing I did was to get out all my make-up supplies, arrange them in the way that I thought would be most efficient and voila we have designer decor accents that are actually functional.  

I seriously am in the process of having everything printed with this image.  I made little boxes with this print to store my everyday blusher, Make-up remover wet-wipes , decoupaged around a coffee tin to store make-up brushes and hair brushes.  I am in the process of transferring this print onto a canvas block for some wall art.  I am going to transfer the print onto some cushions as well! I cant believe that it didnt strike me before to do a house make-over like this.  Not only is it refreshing to have a new look going, but it is way more affordable and then there's added bonus of crafting everything yourself.  Could living get any more fun?

While I am still here - if you want to win a chance to do a home make-over like this - be sure to play along with OCC's  Halloween Horror challenge this month.  You stand to be in the draw for a $20 voucher to Nicecrane Designs just by entering your project into the monthly challenge. You could do over the whole house with $20!!!!

That's it for me for today.

Happy Nicecraning!


  1. AWWWW! They are THE CUTEST! Love to make useful things. You did a fabulous job!!

  2. Wow, Tincan that's Promotion -awesome-!!! and a fabulous idea and project, many thanks for this great inspiration!!

  3. Oh, wow! LOVE this! Absolutely brilliant stuff!
    Claudia xx

  4. Absolutely a new way of looking at digital image! Amazing x

  5. These are fabullous and how neat are the contents!

  6. What a brilliant idea! I could do with some of these! Juliaxx

  7. Fabulous idea! And an amazing result. Thanks for the inspiration!


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