Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It is always sad to say goodbye to someone you have worked with for a long time...and one of those times has come along at Our Creative Corner...Kerstin's craft journey is evolving and she is moving on to new and wonderful things.

    We will miss her amazing creations at Our Creative Corner and we are sure all of you will too....and to say goodbye we are going to be taking a trip down memory lane to see some of Kerstin's wonderful work that she so kindly shared with us over the time she was here...

We hope you will join us in wishing Kerstin much love, luck and happiness on her creative journey!

      Happy crafting

Laura xxxxxxx


  1. So sad you leave us, Kerstin, these are samples of your fabulous creations... Thanks for your inspiration and see you soon in blogland I hope!

  2. I will miss you Kirsten, good luck in your artistic adventures. Hugs Jan x

  3. Kirsten, you have been a huge talent since the day you joined us and I have watched that talent grow and develop to new heights. I wish you so much happiness and success in whatever you move on to do - you will not need it because your talent speaks volumes. We will miss you here and I do hope you'll come back to see us from time to time. Big hugs to you, Julia xxx

  4. Kirsten, you will be sadly missed here at Our Creative Corner. Your work is always inspiring to me, and these samples are all so beautiful, all with my favorite color combinations. Best wishes in all you endeavor! Big hugs!

    1. Thank you very much Sara and don't worry my favourite 'job' it's always and forever my creative work :-) Happy new year Sara! Hugs, Kerstin

  5. Many many thanks Lys, Jan and Julia for your comments, it wasn't easy to leave this team and I promise, Kerstin shall OCC never lose sight of!!!
    Happy new year my friends! Hugs Kerstin xx


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