Friday, January 22, 2016

Top Talent For Topsy Turvy Challenge.

Morning everyone Julia here - belated Happy New Year to you all! I have another Top Talent post to share with you today. This lady needs very little introduction because she was also our Top Talent last month!! Just to remind you who I'm talking about:

Yes, the lovely Lynn is back for a second time as Top Talent for the Topsy Turvy challenge run by Lys. Lynn produced a beautiful project for the challenge and is a very deserved winner.

Firstly, let's find out yet more about Lynn by reading her answers to the following questions:
  1. Where do you live? I live in New Haven, Connecticut - on the Northeastern shore of the US.
  2. If you had a time machine that worked only once, what point in history would you be most inspired to visit and why? I would love to visit the period encompassing the Renaissance era through the Elizabethan time - because this time period provides such rich detail in all dimensions.  I think of the wonderful sculpture, painting, poetry, song, theatre, dance, costume.... endless inspiration! 
  3. Besides crafting, what other hobbies or talents do you have that you'd like to share with us? I came to paper crafting from art quilting, which I have put on hiatus due to the time involved to create a piece.  I am trying to learn how to paint with watercolors, and have also signed up for a lettering course - I love handwriting and want to improve so I can add some spontaneous lettering to my art journal or other projects.
  4. What colour do you hardly ever or never use in your work and why?  Hmmm - this is a hard question!  I love colors, and use virtually all of them..... but I am learning to work with the brown and grey palettes.  I tend toward bright colors (a holdover from my art quilting) - but have learned to appreciate the subtlety of the softer neutral colors in the world of paper.
  5. If you had to choose between paint or ink, which would you select and why? Another challenging question!  Probably paint, because I can manipulate the intensity and coverage more readily, and also because it acts to protect my paper when I want to get wet and messy with other mediums!
  6. Do you work on more than one project at a time or do you prefer to complete one piece of work before starting another?  Generally, I work on one project at a time, because my space is very limited.  Often, my attempts for something go awry for that project, though, but still lead me into something else - so I tend to have a large "to-do" or "scrap" pile around! 
Next, a few words from Lynn and then feast your eyes on the wonderful piece of art that she has made for us:

'Hi, Lynn here!  I am over the moon to return to this forum as a Top Talent - thank you!!  I was inspired by the view out my kitchen window of the trees against a winter sky, and decided to make a little lantern where each side would represent a season.  You can see the other three sides below, and more details on my blog!'

Such a creative and wonderfully unique piece of art you have made for us Lynn! I love how you've used the view from your window as the starting point for your art. It's been wonderful sharing time with you over the last two Top Talent Spots and we really hope to see you play along with us again. Thank you Lynn for all your hard work and I for one will most certainly be visiting to find out just how you made this lovely project. Please be sure to pop over and see the full post about Lynn's piece by following the link to her blog above.

Please be sure everyone to come back next month when I will be sharing the work of our next Top Talent artist. In the meantime, have you joined us in our January challenge yet? It's called Make Time: Mood Board Challenge and you will find all the details if you click here - there's still time!


  1. LOVE this lantern and the idea of the seasons on the sides! A beautiful project and a great read too! TFS!
    Claudia xx

  2. Ahhhh - this was so fun...loved your answers Lynn! And wow - how incredible to see the view from your kitchen window in all four seasons. Such a FABULOUS CREATIVE IDEA that turned into LUSCIOUS PLEASURE. Just love the way it turned out. j.

  3. This is beautiful, the colours are gorgeous! What a great idea to create seasons x

  4. I love your creative interpretation of the real world, Lynn. And I'm happy to know a little more again about you!

  5. I loved learning a little more about Lynn, and seeing her lovely art featured here. It is truly a treat to see her creative process on her blog. Beautiful seasonal representation and use of the mood board colors, too!

  6. Wonderful to see Lynn back again and love her four seasons candle holder, it is beautiful. Congratulations Lynn! Deb xo

  7. Oh Lynn, so happy to see a bio featured here. Your work is such an inspiration! Congrats on this cool feature.


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