Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top Talent For Gypsy Fayre

Hi everyone! 

 Laura here to bring you the spotlight on the winner of the Gypsy Fayre Challenge
 that was hosted by Candice!

Candice selected Nate as her winner and we are so thrilled to be welcoming her as Our Creative Corner's last Top Talent!!!
......But before we show you Nate's wonderful creation,  let's just spend some time finding out a little bit more about this very creative lady..... 

1. Where do you live?

I live in France in Val d'oise and the town is called Sannois. It is a suburb 20 km from Paris and 5km from the Stade de France.

2. How long have you been crafting and what made you start crafting?

I started scrapbooking (not knowing that it was called that back then) by customizing my photo frames. I stuck flowers and buttons on them....until the day I discovered scrapbooking sites on the internet. This adventure set me going. I created my own blog in 2007 and it's name is"le scrap de nateMy aim was to have a place where I could collect and share my creations.
3. What color inspires your creativity?

I react to all colours. I like to mix them and get messy with them - but when I look at my creations I notice they are dominated strongly by green. A restful colour which represents nature and serenity.

4. Are you a day-time or night-time crafter?

I don't have a timetable. I get inspiration at all times. For me everything can be made into crafts. A project idea just arrives and then everything happens.

5. If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?

I hope and wish to continue for a long time with craft projects and I hope that my inspiration will grow by learning new techniques. I also would like to have some of my creative goals and desires become reality some day. 

6. What makes you happy? 

Everything and nothing makes me happy...

I am happy when I scrap, when my thoughts and ideas find their way into my projects

I am married and happy to be a mother of two grown children (girl and boy)
I am happy with my little dachshund who fills me with joy
I am happy with the life I live
I am simply happy to be just me.

7. About how many hours do you spend on crafting per week?

Do you want to know the whole truth?...Every day, every month, the whole year - I have to dabble. I like challenges....


 Je te remercie beaucoup, Nate! Nous sommes très fiers que tu es ici aujourd'hui en tant que notre TopTalent. C’était très agréable d’en apprendre plus de toi...... 

     Now it is time to shine the spotlight on the Top Talent creation - 
 Let's see what Nate made for us!

Quelle merveille, Nate ! - C’est incroyable et si beau ! Il a vraiment été un grand plaisir et honneur de présenter cette merveilleuse création at Our Creative Corner. Merci beaucoup d’être chez nous!
If you want to see more photos and details of this wonderful creation and find out how it was made, then please go along to Nate's blog and say "Hello" - I am sure she would love to see you there!

Happy Crafting!




  1. Such a brilliant make, Nate! And thanks for the lovely interview! I loved learning a bit more about you and your creative process! Thanks for being with us today!

    Claudia xx

  2. This is just an uncredible creation for OCC as a well deserved Guest!!!
    BRAVO Nate!!!
    Désolée de ce commentaire tardif, mais je suis en vacances...
    Bises, hugs xxx


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