Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top Talent Thursday.

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Our Top Talent this week has been chosen by three different Dt’s on three different occasions the first was in 'The photo Challenge' and the second 'Lets be Royal'  and now the A.B.C.Challenge.
Please put your hands together for our very first triple winner; Nicola, she catches the eye of all our Dt’s here at OCC with her wonderful creations.
It is with utmost pleasure that I present to you this Thursday all the way from Ireland, a lady who surprisingly has not been blogging very long, but what she lacks in time she makes up with her talent.
So please welcome our Top Talent;
Nicola - Paper Profusion

First let us learn a little bit about her. 

1.) Where do you Live?
I live in Dublin, Ireland in a picturesque Georgian district about 15 minutes walk from the main centre of the city. My home overlooks a lovely part of Dublin’s Grand Canal with its tree-lined towpaths. Many tourists who have visited Dublin would likely have passed near my home on one or other of the various city tour vehicles or on foot.

2.)Describe yourself in five words?

I’m still pondering this one -That’s 5! Hmmm, I’ll submit Generous, Loving, Perfectionist, Thinker and Sensitive.

3.) How would you describe what it means to have an "Artistic Outlook" on life?
I hadn't considered myself as artistic so I'll take this compliment gladly. I suppose for me it means that 'the visual' is very prominent in my world. I likely am at my happiest and most creative when surrounded with visuals and light that appeal to me. I am curious to continue to see new things, the more aesthetic the better.

4.) Bathroom, Craft-room, or car. Which do you clean first?
Bathroom. Alas I don’t have space for a craft-room, but even if I did it would still be bathroom.

5.) Is there anything unique or quirky you would like to share with us about yourself? (It could be a fun thing.)
I adore Elephants! There are quite a few images, sculptures or carvings of them around my home. You can see that I even specially 'packed my trunk' for this project!!

6.) If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?
Good health.

Now sit back and have a look at her beautiful altered suitcases.


Thank you Nicola for being our 'Thursday's Top Talent' again and sharing such wonderful inspiration with us!
You will find details on her blog and more photos.

Nicola - Paper Profusion

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"The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. stunning makes, love the colours and textures and well done on this win! three times ..go you! trace x

  2. Love your treasure chests, Nicola,

    and enjoyed reading your interview! Well done with the three wins btw ;) Congrats!!!


    die amelie x

  3. Wow Nicola, three wins! Woohoo and well done to you. Loved reading all about you and absolutely adore your little mini treasure chests, they are adorable. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Insanely gorgeous project from the amazing Nicola - no surprise at all that OCC loves her work!! Congratulations on the triple honour, Nicola...
    Alison x

  5. Congrats Nicola! I love your work!

  6. You are truly artistic and you certainly crack me up with your humor. I absolutely am over the moon with these trunks you've designed. They are exceptionally detailed and amazing to admire. I love that you love elephants too!! :)
    Congratulations again Nicola. Well deserved recognition.
    Lisa xx

  7. Wooo hooo, well done hun, you're a crafting celebrity now! yay! :) Looove your altered suitcases, but no surprise as I love all your projects! hugs xxx

  8. What great creations! Nicola, it's great to know you more through this wonderful interview... :)

  9. Thank-you so much ladies for your lovely compliments. Both the comments here and over on my blog are most heartening to me. Nicola x


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