Friday, November 22, 2013

'Forgotten Things' Top Talent

               Welcome back to another Top Talent spotlight at Our Creative Corner!


  This month we are shining the spotlight on the winner of the 'Forgotten Things' Challenge hosted by Anne.

     Our Creative Corner is so happy to be welcoming Julie Ann from magpieheaven, who won the Forgotten Things challenge with her stunning
Pierrot box.

     If you haven't been to her blog to see her amazing work then you really should head over there!
    Julie Ann has created such a beautiful piece of art for us today....but as usual, before we show you the amazing creation - let's find out a little bit more about this very talented lady.......

1.  Where do you live?

I live in Bromley Kent, about twenty minutes from London on the train.

2.  Do you have your own creative space in your home?

Don’t get me started on that one! I craft either on the dining table, competing with the salt and pepper mills and a hungry family arriving and wanting the next meal, or in our tiny little conservatory on top of the washing machine. It’s freezing in there on a cold day, or hot enough to get the UTEE bubbling without a melt pot on a hot one! I’ve been promised a garden shed all of my own sometime next year where I can hide myself away and craft to my heart’s content! Heaven!

3.  If you could only use three craft supplies for the rest of your life, what would they be?

It would have to be Paper Artsy Fresco Paints, Wendy Vecchi Archival Inks and Treasure Gold. 

4.  Do you pre-sketch a design or do you just wing it?

Sometimes I have an idea that comes to me in the night and I have to get up and sketch it there and then. On other occasions I just play with materials and stamps and see what happens. I always start with a vague idea of where I’m going with a project. I like it if what I’ve created has a story to tell or a special significance for me or the person I’m making it for. 

5.  If you have lost your Mojo, how do you go about getting it back?

I haven’t been crafting very long, so it still feels as if my mind is bursting with ideas and not enough time to play. If I want inspiration, though, I either go for a walk in the countryside or into the garden or I visit my favourite museum – The Victoria and Albert – a treasure trove of the most gorgeous designs from all times and places.

6.  Do you plan to buy craft items? Or are you of the mind that  “Really need it NOW!”  only works for you?

It depends. Sometimes I make a plan of what I need. Sometimes I see something that will be perfect for a project I’m working on and then I have to have it NOW!

7.  Please tell us about five blogs that truly inspire you.

           Back when I started blogging in April, I was advised to put my work desk on WOYWW. A crafter from Canada commented on my post, saying that ’We magpies should stick together’. Ever since she has encouraged me, regularly visiting my blog and inspiring me with her lovely, original work, which uses recycled materials and rich vivid colours and textures. Her name is Dianne Marcoux and her blog is Magpiedi Magpiedi

           Alison Bomber at Words and Pictures appeals to me with her love of text along with beautiful art work: I really enjoy the quotations she includes. I teach English so I love the narrative quality of a lot of her work

          Laurart is a constant source of inspiration. I always admire the way Laura uses colour; her choice of stamped images and the originality of her designs. And, like a lot of the artists I admire, her work often tells a story or creates a mood.

          PaperArtsy was the first Craft Blog I ever looked at when I returned home from a trip to London with my first ever unmounted rubber stamps - an ‘Ink and the Dog’ plate – one of the Wings ones and saw that this company had their own blog. I’ve been a regular visitor ever since. I love to play along with the guest designers whenever I can.

    Another crafter who has inspired me and whose work has been a great source of inspiration is Kezzy, of Kezzy’s Crafty Journey. Her ‘can do’ attitude is infectious. I love her enthusiasm and her willingness to give anything a try!

    Julie Ann has worked her usual wonderful paint and texture magic for us and created a gorgeous money box...So let's take a peek at the Top Talent Spotlight...


   Thank you so much Julie Ann for being here today in the Top Talent Spotlight and creating such a beautiful altered money box for us. It has been a pleasure to feature your work.

If you want to see more photos and details of how it was made, then please go along to Julie Anne's blog magpieheaven and say "Hello" - I am sure she would love to see you there! 

Would you like everyone to see your work here under the 'Our Creative Corner' Spotlight? You could be here as our 'Top Talent' with the spotlight shining on something you have created! All you have to do is enter Claudia's 'Steampunk TicTacToe' challenge.  There is one more week of her challenge left, so why not have fun creating! 
Come and have a go at Steampunk - Dip your toe in grunge and gears....or dive right in!

      We all hope you will come back to see us on the 1st December when Laura will be presenting her new challenge for all of you....We also have some exciting news for you! 
See you then!


  1. It was lovely to learn a bit more about Julie Anne and the thought processes behind her beautiful work. Well done on your Top Talent Spotlight Julie Anne! Hugs, Anne x

  2. Thank You for having me at Our Creative Corner - it's been lovely to be in such great company! Julie Ann x

  3. Such a beautiful money box and it has been lovely to find out more about you here. Thanks so much for being part of Our Creative Corner this month Julie Anne and well done on your win. Jenny x

  4. Congrats on your Top Talent Spotlight Julie Ann! A beautiful money box! Claire x

  5. WHOOT, WHOOT< SQUAWK, SQUAWK, CONGRATULATIONS Miss Julie Ann. Top talent with the DREAM TEAM, my wings are flapping like crazy, so proud of you my dear, it's wonderful people can get to know more about you and how you work your magic, I seen your talent from the first post, on WOYWW, and you mention your cat, shesh a magpie with a cat, I had a great laugh, and feel in love with your work and saw so much potential, every creation just keeps getting better, and your wonderful stories that goes with your work are so special.. The work you create on your on a top of a washing machine, amazing, can you image what you will do in your own craft shed..I'm going to fly by your nest to comment on your wonderful project you created for your spotlight.....

  6. What a fabulous creation, Julie Ann - you've really done us proud! I love the colours, and those little leaves are just fabulous. Lovely to find out some more about you too...
    Alison xx

  7. Sorry for my late comment, Julie Ann,

    only today I really had the time to thoroughly read and enjoy not only your lovely Q&A but also your gorgeous altered birds house! Very gorgeous and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    Claudia x

  8. Such a beautiful bird house Julie Ann! I used to live fairly close to you before I moved in October - pity we didn't know! I love it when creations have a use too so your money box is a winner with me! So glad you were our Top Talent Spotlight!

  9. Wonderfull creation bird house , greeting from Belgium


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