Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Homemade Flowers and Hand Dyed Ribbon

Hello everyone, thanks for coming by, this is Astrid hosting the July challenge here.

It being the middle of Summer here in the Northern hemisphere I thought I would challenge you to create flowers, in anyway you like, and to complement those, please dye some ribbon too and make that part of your project. And of course if you live in the Southern Hemisphere you can play too, wintry flowers are some of the most beautiful

Not all of us are girly girls that work with flowers, but as my wonderful team mates have shown below, flowers can be created in all sorts of ways and even enhance masculine project!

Our sponsor this month is NICECRANE DESIGNS who will provide a voucher for his shop for one lucky random winner.

Now, and this is really important: To qualify for our challenge your project must include HOME MADE FLOWERS AND HAND DYED RIBBON, but apart from that you can make what you like, a card, box or home decor item, whatever you make is only limited by your own imagination. Please also read the very few other rules we have.

And now without further  ado here are our inspiration projects for this month:


I love to create projects that have a purpose, so for this challenge I made a little box decorated with my own made roses and hand died ribbon, just large and deep enough to hold a matching tag. It will be a gift for a special friend.  A detailed step by step of how I created it can be found on my blog.



I am such a 'flowers and ribbons' girl at heart. For this challenge I couldn't resist seeing if I could recreate a Victorian style Tussy Mussy from just card and tinfoil sheets. I loved every single fiddly, annoying, intricate, frustrating, challenging and very blissful moment of making this vintage bouquet.



As I am not much of a flower girl as most of you will already know, Astrid has put up a real challenge for me! But I decided to stand up to it and try walk in the footsteps of  wonderful Julia from Julia's Stuff (the "Mistress of the Crackle" as I love to call her) and give some of her crackle and embossing techniques she uses with flowers so brilliantly a try. I altered a small splint box to create a birthday gift for a very dear friend of mine.



This is a fabric doorhanger in vintage look with four bags for storage of jewelry or tags 
with handmade organza blossoms. More details please on my blog.



I don't usually make handmade flowers - though it has been known! - so this was a challenge.  But I gave myself an additional challenge... to try to do ribbons and flowers without being girly.  Come over to Words and Pictures to see whether you think I succeeded!


This was a fun challenge for me, because I seldom use flowers or lace.
I used the self made flower as a skirt and the bow tie at the top of the tag is a dyed piece of lace. The backgrond of the tag is made with Bistre ( I like that stuff) and some embossed stamps.

Astrid's challenge is quite a mouthful for me since I almost never make flowers, so thanks for the challenge, it is always nice to try something that you are not used to do.
See more details on Hand dyed Flower and Ribbon on my blog.


I love making flowers and colouring my own ribbon so Astrid's challenge was a dream for me! I couldn't decide how many flowers to include but decided to go for one large, punchy floral which incorporates my hand dyed ribbon too. Yes, I've gone pink and girlie with a touch of grunge too - love it! To see the details of my flower and ribbon hop over to Julia's Stuff.


Well, I hope you like what you see here and that we have given you some inspiration to play along with your own home made flowers and dyed ribbon. We can't wait to see what you come up with!! Do check out all the individual blogs of the designers to get all the details of their stunning project and get even more inspiration along the way. Also check out the calendar in our side bar to see all the other things in store for you this month!

Thanks for dropping by and see you around in crafty blogland, - happy July everyone!


  1. Wow what a fantastic challenge, love all the inspiration. I cannot wait to play x

  2. Stunning topic...this will become an awesome challenge

  3. What an inspiring challenge and what amazing projects the design team have come up with! I can't wait to join in with this one! Julie Ann xxx

  4. It may be the start of a new era on the OCC but the standard of the DT inspiration is still awesome! So wonderful to work with such talented artists!
    Julia x

  5. what wonderful inspiration here today and a fun challenge - so many options for beautiful flower making!

  6. Great theme for the challenge, Astrid!
    I love all creations by DT here...inspirational!!

  7. A fabulous challenge and some awesome inspiration displayed here!! Each and every one is stunning!! ox

  8. A joy to see what you've all come up with - amazing work all round!
    Alison x

  9. Just wooooooowwwww !!!! Fabulous inspiration for the theme chosen by Astrid, which opens many doors for interpretation and that's great. Coco x

  10. A great theme and fantastic Inspiration!

  11. WOW!! Look at all of the wonderful creations!! WOW!! Beautiful and playful and elegant...so many different ways to go with home-made flowers and hand-dyed ribbon!! Just WOW!! Wonderful inspiration, Ladies!! XOXO-Shari


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