Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top Talent Thursday

Welcome back to Our Creative Corner.
It is with utmost pleasure that I present to you this Thursday, the winner of our Challenge 'Party like it's Mardi-Gras' a lady who is very versatile, as appears to be the case with many of our winners of late.  Her blog is full of her life experiences along with her unique work.
Please welcome this weeks Top Talent:


Let us learn a little about this wonderful lady.

1.) Where do you Live?
I live in Northern NY, very close to the Canadian border. We are in the country although our very small college town is within ten minutes. It’s a lovely in the middle of nowhere place, but access to supplies sometimes is limited so I rely a lot on making due with up-cycled items and coming up with new ways to use existing supplies!

2.) Describe yourself in five words?
Fearless, Out of the Box, Organized, Caring and Creative

3.) How would you describe your art for the general public audience if they have never seen it before?
My artwork typically involves either a story, an upcycled item and often has a vintage twist.

4.) How many hours a day do your waste/spend on your hobby?
I typically spend 30 minutes a day blogging and about the same scrapbooking, plus or minus. The crafting normally happens on the weekends and the blogging during the week. I like to write and craft, so it keeps me happy.

5.) What supply wouldn't you do without when it comes to stamping?
Ink pads and alcohol, I find you can stain just about anything with an inkpad and then use a bit of alcohol mist to get the color to run

6.) Is there is tool/item that you are drooling over at the moment and wanting to buy?
Right now I’m shopping for punches, in particular one that allows me to use up small pieces of extra scrap paper. I do have a Silhouette, but using up extra paper with a punch is so therapeutic!

 And Mitra has provided a creation that is out of the box and demonstrates perfectly how versatile a craft person she is.

Thank you Mitra for being our 'Thursday's Top Talent' and sharing such wonderful inspiration with us!

Mitra's Blog-Mitralee

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"The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Amazing creation - this looks incredible - really interesting info there on Mitra, too:))!!!!!!!!

  2. You are the queen of upcycling and I LOVE your work!! This mask is just as beautiful as the first. :)


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