Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday Quiz - Astrid

Well, this is the last of the birthday quizzes for our special celebration. Hope you enjoyed reading about the little in sites into the lives of all the designers so far, and if you have not looked yet, make sure to do so!!.

Today is the day to meet Astrid.
Astrid has loved being creative since childhood, as you can see from the picture below:

Anyway, to find out a little more about her, here are the answers to Astrid's questions:

What fictional character do you have the biggest crush on?
Mr Darcy without a doubt. I love the book of course, but have also seen several different versions of the film, my favourite being the one with Colin Firth. Let’s face it who would not have a crush on Colin Firth? So reflecting on this question, is the crush on Mr Darcy or more on Colin Firth, well the truth probably is, – a bit of both….. But to be honest, it’s just a crush right, my heart really belongs totally to my wonderful hubby of 40 years.

If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?
That's a no brainer, Australia for sure. My youngest son and lovely grandchildren live there and if I could, I would move tomorrow, not only to be closer to them all, but at my age, I just could really do with a bit more of that wonderful Australian warm weather!

Here you can see them Lucia age 19 month and Arielle newly born on May 15.

Is there anything that you would refuse to do?
Now that is a much harder one to answer as no doubt there are many more than one thing I would refuse to do…but as most of them are unlikely to be asked of me, (like robbing a bank, jumping out of a fast moving car, strangling a child or many of the other things that most sane people would say no to), it was difficult to pick just one. So in the end the one that I came up with, and am regularly asked about is this one: My hubby loves gliding and now has his gliding pilot licence. He keeps asking me to come up with him one day, but so far I have always said no, and I don’t think that will change. I don’t mind flying as such and regularly have to do so, but going up in a glider without any kind of engine, – nope, definitely not for me.

If you had a time machine, what historical figure would you love to see in 21st century life?
Well my answer was going to have been Leonardo Da Vinci, but as Jenny chose him already, I decided to choose someone else, after all we would not want to have the poor man time travel twice, - so I'll go with Joan of Arc

I have always been intrigued by this young girl, who managed single handedly to turn the entire course of the Hundred Year War, because she was convinced she had been given divine instruction to fight for her cause! What amazing strength and courage!! I think she had such determination that she would do  wonderful things (and perhaps with less violence) could she live again in our time.

If you had a year off, what would you want to do?
Craft from morning til evening and if I had the money for it, travel (to Australia and other places) and go on a cruise with Tim Holtz and some of my teamies to come along too!!

Well, hope you have enjoyed reading the last of our little birthday quizzes/spotlight and Happy Birthday to Our Creative Corner, may there be many more inspirational years ahead!!


  1. A very interesting insight into your life, Astrid - love the photos! Valerie

  2. So good to get to know even more about you Astrid, and to see your very smart husband and beautiful grandchildren. What a wonderful family you have. Great choices with Australia and Joan of Arc, and I'm with you on that no to gliding!!! Jenny x

  3. What a fab read....nice to learn a little more about you Astrid.

  4. I was up with a glider (with a colleague of mine back in LInz) twice (and with a small airplane too)...and I LOVED it, Astrid! (Miss it a lot honestly - as I can't do it anymore since we have moved to Vienna)! But it needs a lot of confidence - that's true!

    You haven't changed a bit, have you? Love your young artists photograph!
    And thank you for sparing Leonardo a second time travel...loved that you chose Joan of Arc! She really was a very remarkable person! For sure one of the most courageous persons in history!

    Your grandchildren are so far away from you...that must be hard for you.

    Thank you for sharing all of this with us, Astrid!
    Claudia x

  5. Such a lovely photograph of you Astrid. Enjoyed reading about your family and that cruise sounds interesting!

  6. This was a great read - your hubby looks charming and I would urge you to go gliding with him!! I would definitely move to be closer to those little angels!

  7. Astrid, amei lhe conhecer um pouco mais. Minha admiração só cresce. Beijo na coração.

  8. It's great to know a little more about you, Astrid! I'm with you on the gliding!

  9. Fabulous read Astrid!! Lovely getting to know you a little better and, I must say, if you were to come to Australia we would welcome you with open arms!! Gorgeous photos of yourself and your hubby and of course your son and adorable grandchildren. I must agree with you on the gliding ... way too scary for me too!! Loved this!! ox

  10. Hi Astrid, Lovely to read your Birthday Quiz. What a beautiful photograph of yourself as a child. Joan of Arc is a poignant person in History for me too. Tim Holtz cruise....wouldn't it be amazing !
    Julie x

  11. Lovely to have a little insight into your world Astrid. I'm with you on the gliding I don't mind flying but I really don't like heights, so gliding , ballooning and mountaineering are all out for me! It's sad that you are so far away from your son and his family, the world however is a shrinking place and when the chips are down I suppose, it's only 24 hours away ! Xx

  12. Fabulous answers Astrid, with you on Darcy! Lovely pictures and your grandchildren have such beautiful names x

  13. A lovely read Astrid and gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. Nicola x

  14. Loved reading this Astrid - what gorgeous grandchildren. And would you look at that snow white hair. The new baby is precious. Looks like she has quite a hairdo her self!!
    I think you could have your very own cruse and invite some of your favorite friends to be teachers as well - let me check my wallet to see if I have enough dollars to go!
    sandy xx

  15. Lovely answers and elements of your life Astrid, and the photos are very cute too! For me, I hate flying!!! :) Thanks for sharing, Coco x

  16. Great answers and wonderful photos too... I hear you on the sunshine! And yes, what a good choice in Joan of Arc...

    And I'm afraid you've flushed out perhaps the one person who doesn't have a crush on Colin Firth (and doubly not as Mr Darcy!), though I'm absolutely with you on the crush on Darcy himself!
    Alison xx

  17. Loved reading more about you! The bit with the sunshine is something I take for granted, but my daughter who lives in Portland OR, wants us to retire there. I like the area somewhat, but don't love it and think about so many cloudy and damp days. And I totally agree with you on the "glider" and other than the occasional air flight, my feet are planted firmly on the ground! Such a beautiful family! Oh and take me on that cruise with you! Hugs!


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