Friday, May 16, 2014

Birthday Quiz - Julia

Hello everyone and happy birthday to Our Creative Corner! I can't believe it's been a year since I started on the blog and what great fun it's been.

All the DT members are answering a 'birthday quiz' set of questions so you get to know us a little better. Here's my questions and answers - I wonder what you'll make of them?!

What’s your most listened to song?
This is a difficult one for me as I love listening to music and still attend live concerts whenever possible. Probably the track I always come back to time and time again is Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I suppose that gives my age away a little although I was quite young when first introduced to their music. I love the haunting, heart thumping beat that is part of this track which builds to a crescendo in a most glorious way. Just closing your eyes and listening to this piece is as good as meditation for me! Click on the link below to hear this majestic track:
 Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

What makes you feel nostalgic?
Music, flowers and family photos make me feel nostalgic. Like many people, I associate certain songs with a particular individual, time of life and sometimes a place. Flowers remind me of my Mother because she loved them - in particular freesias which I always smell whenever I see them. It's like having her back for a split second in time. Photographs, because they record so much of our lives and leave behind a visual reminder for all to treasure.

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?
I have always wanted to climb a mountain in the Himalayas! In my younger days I walked quite a number of hills and mountains in Wales, Debyshire, and The Lake District. I read avidly about those adventurous souls (some would say otherwise!) who climbed snow and ice covered peaks across the world. In reality, I could never do this but I'm pleased that many make it back in one piece and write thrilling books of their adventures.

What is your favourite painting, who was/is the artist and why do you love it?
My most favourite painting is 'The Lady Of Shallot' by John William Waterhouse. It is a stunning depiction of a tragic lady based on the poem by  Alfred Lord Tennyson. The composition of the painting is superb from the pale lady in her long boat in the foreground to the hills on the distant horizon. I fell in love with the picture because the way Waterhouse paints fabrics is simply amazing. I was also mesmerized by the haunted look on the young woman's face. Don't know this painting? Look no further:

The Lady of Shalott
Such a small image doesn't do this painting justice. Look at a larger image and you'll be amazed.

 Which of the four seasons do you prefer and why?
I love the Spring best of all. Winter can be dark, damp and cold for weeks on end so the onset of Spring is something to rejoice about. The beautiful colours of spring flowers, the lambs in the fields and the longer daylight hours make everything seem so much better. The earth wakes up and I think I do too!

How much time does it take you to create one of your projects?
I had to laugh when I read this question! I think I take forever to do the smallest thing! Sadly, I'm a very boring perfectionist and I have to get things 'right' - in my eyes at least! I use lots of layers and added items in my art and this can be time consuming but it's how I work. I've tried to make quick projects but it's just not me. I wish it was! I truly admire those people who can sit and produce something beautiful in one day.

Thank you so much for visiting today. I do hope you enjoyed the little quiz! Other members of the team will be doing their quiz throughout the rest of the month so do find time to drop by. All our usual activities will also be taking place so remember to look out for Sponsor Spotlight and Winners Posts.

Julia xx


  1. What a joy to find out more about you Julia. I will enjoy that Led Zepplin track in my head all day! Never say never on the Himalayas dream - what a trip of a lifetime that would be. Jenny x

  2. How lovely to find out a bit more about you Julia! Like you I love paintings by John Waterhouse and many of the other Pre-Raphaelites, (though this one is actually fairly new to me). Your work always looks amazing, so in your case, being a perfectionist is certainly a good thing!!

  3. I loved reading and learning a bit more about you, Julia,

    and we have the fascination for adventurous mountaineers and the mountains they conquer in common!
    And I often envy those who patiently and accurately add layer by layer to build up their art....I am more the quick projects type I am afraid. I was really patient once....*sigh. Well, maybe I will be again. But now I know where all the depth that I can see with your creations comes from!

    Thanks for the lovely read!
    Claudia xxx

  4. I'm another lover of mountains - but more for the sheer awe of their size and implacability, which gives you a real sense of your own smallness in the world, than for wanting to climb them, necessarily! A fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of your creative world - so interesting.
    Alison xx

  5. Another lovely read and little bit of insight into how people create. It's reassuring to find out similarities.....I can fiddle for ages with just one embellishment and it has to look right to me....and I love the scent of freesias, they remind me of my mum too.

  6. Love a bit of Led Zep myself I get very nostalgic when listening to The Rain Song ! And I have a print of the lady of Shallot hanging in my house. You must visit Birmingham Art Gallery as they have a fantastic collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings! Thank you for sharing with us x

  7. Thank you for sharing with all of us parts of your life and feelings... I love Spring too, and like you, I'm a rather boring perfectioninst, I can spend hours on very tiny details and never stop lol!! Coco x


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